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Thinture GPS based vehicle tracker is designed and developed as per the stringent automotive standards. The system is using very high quality GPS and GSM modules equipped with high gain internal antennas. After testing the device for more than 3 years in various countries, we can confidently claim that, GS-07 is a perfect vehicle tracking system. It is programmed with a very complex logic, providing the customer with the highest rate of accuracy and precision, fast GPS location fixing and trouble free GPRS network connectivity.


The internal memory is capable of handling long time network losses, if any. The system is equipped with the best Li-po internal battery for effective backup support. The tested and proven, automotive power supply helps the unit work even though the load dumps are severe. We also have advanced versions of this model to suit any type of customer requirements.



RFID Based Attendance System

 Thinture GPS Tracking devices are designed, developed and manufactured in India. Currently, Thinture has a state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture bulk quantities of GPS tracker at a very competitive price. The software platform is also completely developed in-house. Apart from real time tracking, It has various inputs to check the status of the vehicle by connecting to Ignition, Seat belt, speed sensor etc. SMS alert , Call and Locate (CAL)  and vehicle running reports are the most important features.

Thinture GPS tracker allows you to configure alerts for various situations. These alerts are triggered as soon as a vehicle violates a pre-defined rule. An immediate notification will be sent to the operator via alert pop-up in online platform /email / SMS, as per the configuration.

ICAT Tested & Approved

Empanelled by KMVD

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are globally proven to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure and improve transportation systems in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety. Having realized the potential of ITS, Government bodies and other organizations in India are presently working towards implementing various ITS services across the country. Thinture has an approved device which meets the ITS criteria and is currently empanelled in the state of Kerala, India.


Some industrial equipment like Earth movers and tractors wont move too much while they function. Thinture advanced tracking and monitoring system has a special input to read the engine RPM to check the functionality of the equipment. This will enable the owner to understand the total time of actual machine running. 

Student Safety & Attendance

Real-Time Temperature monitor

Track-Car student Safety Assurance System would make sure all buses are tracked in real-time thus parents can be alerted of the actual arrival time of the buses which would minimize children’s waiting time, exposure to bad weather and other dangers. Alerts are also set up for fleet managers to receive a message as buses enter a no-go zone, or drivers engage in unsafe driving. 

Perishable goods while transporting, needs to be monitored to ensure that the freshness and quality of the goods are perfect. We have a number of monitoring solutions available which have been specifically developed to monitor the conditions under which goods are transported whether it is frozen goods, chilled goods  or medical products.

Vehicle Dash-board System

Thinture advanced tracking system can accept various sensors from the vehicle. We have designed customized control panel for various customers. Gear position sensor, Throttle position sensor, Engine and Oil temperature sensors, etc are integrated to the online system to get accurate real-time information.

Thinture Advanced Tracking system for Boat is having tilt alert system. It consists of two emergency switches for SOS. The system is capable of tracking the boat movement. There is a provision for water sensor also. The system is currently installed in over 700 boats. Thinture GPS tracking, Online web platform is available round the clock. Users can login to their tracking platform anytime, by using login name and password provided. 





GTA-07 Advanced Vehicle tracker specifications

GS-07 Vehicle tracker Brochure

GS-07A Bike tracker Brochure


   We at Thinture is always striving for excellence. The tracking system is continuously upgraded for higher performance. Apart from the normal time based data update, we try to get maximum location data to make perfect report. The images on the left shows the efficiency of our tracker. The first one is installed in a tractor. The data report for one particular day is shown. See the spiral movement happened in the field. A normal tracking system cannot give an accuracy like this.

The second picture shows the movement of a vehicle through No-network area. The entire data is flushed out from the device memory. Almost 2000 data points were stored in the memory and transmitted to the server within no time, after network is restored.

We have tested the device for its efficiency by installing it on an expedition vehicle travelled from Kanyakumari (South tip of India) to Leh (Ladak Region, Himalayas) covering 9 states and 10,000 kms altogether !!

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